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Macaela Crowley

Macaela was born with a love of horses in her DNA. Her great grandfather, her grandmother and her mother all grew up riding horses for fun and for show.  She was named after great grandfather, "Mac" McCullough who was truly a "horse whisperer".  It only makes sense that Macaela would also have horse fever running through her veins.

At an early age, when most teens are looking forward to purchasing their first car, Macaela saved her earnings from her 4-H sheep showing to purchase her very own horse, "Miller".  She and Miller committed to many hours of instruction from highly accomplished and respected equine instructors in Lane County, competed in 4-H Equine Husbandry and then went on to grow in their understanding of one another to win many awards in their 4 years of showmanship, western pleasure, trail and drill team competition on the Sheldon/Marist Oregon High School Equestrian Team (OHSET).

During her OHSET experience, Macaela was introduced to "gaming" which brought her to find her next "love"..."Kia".  Kia was a perfect match for Macaela...they fell in love and were an amazing team competing in and winning many gaming competitions.

Macaela graduated from Marist in 2012 and selected to attend Carroll College in Helena, MT double majoring in AnhtroZoology (Human-Animal Bond) and Psychology.  Of course, who do you think "went to college" with her? Yes, Miller and Kia accompanied her to college....they were her therapy, her stress reducers, her family away from home and her all-around comforters. 

Macaela is completing her degrees on-line and at the University of Oregon so she can complete her College Internship and further explore the Human-Animal interaction by working with the kids and families that are able to participate in the workshops and sessions offered at Unbridled. 

Macaela is thrilled to be a full time participant and supporter of this amazing Youth Ranch.

Oh by the way, Macaela also has a one year old Black Coated Retriever named Arya, four cats named Sterling, Chocolate, Tiger and Duke.  Last but not least, she has "Bilbo" her hedgehog. :-)

In her spare time she likes to read, ride and help others in her community.