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Mentorship Program
Children are the heart of all we do at Unbridled!  They are the smile,  joy, and laughter that motivate all of us to cherish every day  at the ranch.  Each session consists of one child, one equine partner, and one Unbridled Session Leader.  After performing a short chore, the child is introduced to a skill appropriate herd where horse and child may choose each other for the days session. Some children may prefer grooming, or caring for a rescue, while others may prefer to focus on improving their riding skills.  Each session ends with some fun play time for the leader and child. Sessions are always FREE allowing every child regardless of life's circumstances to experience the joy of the ranch.  

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At UNBRIDLED we highly prioritize a safe, family friendly, environment in which individuals and families thrive.   Unbridled provides  miles of hiking and riding trails, a fully renovated indoor facility for inclement weather, and a dedicated cheerful team.  Our  purpose is to create an environment where children and families are strengthened, encouraged, and loved.   
Impart Program

Equine Rescue

 ​Unbridled operates as a full time rescue organization. By networking with our local veterinarians, farriers, humane societies, and horsemen, we are able to intervene when neglect or abuse are present.  When a family can no longer keep their equine loved one, or when a lack of knowledge or ability make re-homing necessary, we are there. Often negotiating financial compensation for  the freedom of the abused/neglected horse  is necessary. This happens when law enforcement or humane societies are limited in what they can do. At Unbridled we seek first to educate and assist the horse owner so that the horse and its owner may stay united whenever possible or appropriate. With this philosophy, the horse owner is safe in seeking help without fear of judgment or excessive intervention. This allows the horse owner to reach out sooner, before a crisis arises.  All Unbridled rescued horses are donor/sponsor supported.   For more information or to meet our rescue horses click below. 

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At Unbridled we recognize that a family is only as strong as it's weakest link.  Through the dedication of  our amazing team of volunteers, we are able to strengthen families through  prayer and ministry support.  Unbridled resources, such as a food pantry, and coat closet, as well as a valuable network of community partners, work together to help relieve the pressure many families experience.  Our beautiful natural setting provides a refreshing, relaxed environment for families to rest and be restored.  Fun community activities bring families together building life long memories and deepening bonds.  

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