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Carol and Leon Keeney ~ Founder/ Board Members/ Facilities Director
Unbridled ~ Our Team

Dani and Mike Crowley ~ Board Members

Tania and David Straub ~ Founder/ Board Members/ Mentor/ Program Director 
As a child growing up one of my dearest friends, Tami, lived across the street. Separated by nothing but a thin strip of pavement we lived in two different worlds. On my side of the street was a safe beautiful home, loving parents, horse filled pastures and the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. Across the street was a home ruled by alcoholism, anger and violent abuse. Frequently the sounds of that abuse would echo through the woods to my young ears. It was always followed by the same look of concern on my parents face as they would send me inside. Later the police would show up with Tami and her brother bringing them to the safety of my home. My parents would take care of them as long as needed and over the years Tami became a sister. As time went on our home and its horses became a sanctuary to my friend. At 8 years old I began to dream of owning a ranch where others like her could find sanctuary. While crying out in prayer to understand why her life looked the way it did I met the Lord Jesus Christ. It was during this encounter that He showed me a ranch where hundreds of children ran and laughed freely.  Unbridled is the result of holding that dream in prayer. Though I will never have a satisfactory answer to why her childhood was so difficult, Unbridled was founded to make a difference in the lives of other children living through her same experience.  

Maureen and Steve Dorman ~ Board Members
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When Leon and Carol purchased Rose Hill Ranch they were not looking for horse property, an arena or stables. From the beginning of their time on the Ranch, Carol felt the lower section and stables were meant for God's use. She and Leon watched as their three adopted grandchildren thrived on the ranch,each of them overcoming challenges from their early childhood.  As the high school graduation of the youngest grandchild approached Carol began reflecting on how the ranch changed the kids lives. Through this process her heart to see the ranch set aside for children who lack opportunity, are at risk or are in need of a refuge began to take form. 
Ciera Burke